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June 10 2015

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do u ever stretch and it makes u feel like u got ur life together

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via r/trollxchromosomes

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“She doesn’t know, but I know she doesn’t love me like I love her.“ // r.i.d 



There are different versions of you living within the minds of others. I wonder how different they all are.

This just fucked me up

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I was inspired by scene from Scarface (1983) and made this

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motivational meeting

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Okay, now I get why everyone loves PaintTool Sai…

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cheeto meanie. #WIP


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nothin softer than a horse nose 

have you touched a horse nose? touch a horse nose now. get in your car and drive to the nearest horse nose. and touch it. 

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be ur own squad, nobody really got ur back fam

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