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June 11 2015

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these are there stories

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“I be laughing when you begging me to just put the head in”


anxiety: OK BUT WHAT IF -

me: homie we went over this like 100 times yesterday and we totally resolved it

anxiety: yeah but i’ve looked at it from a new angle and there’s like 20 more reasons why u should be worried about it


me: …..go on


Clap your hands if you’re actually low key mentally ill as fuck and can hardly handle anything and you feeling like no one actually likes you at all and all you wanna do is sleep your life away

June 10 2015

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*just wants to be your favorite*

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I don’t feel close to anyone anymore

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Made a fire today on my daytrip into the woods.




“nothings better than sex” 

have u ever played a game at 60fps

Have you ever had satisfying sex?

Have you ever played a game at flawless 60fps without framerate stutter

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They sat in silence, then they said nothing .. (by Coyhand)

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